Night Sleep Wrist Support Brace

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✅ ALL ABOUT COMFORT: You deserve all the comfort during sleep, with your palm resting on the soft-touch pouch full of cushioning beads. It feels like a pillow for your hand, giving you all the support you need for the night.
✅ LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM SPLINT: Our splint is made of aluminum, tough enough to give you excellent wrist support. At the same time, it is so light that you won't even notice it's there during your sleep, but indeed notice the benefits.
✅ BREATH FREELY: The fabrics are soft and breathable. It helps release excess heat and moisture, keeping your hand dry and comfortable all night long.
✅ SLEEVE DESIGN FOR EASY APPLICATION: With a sleeve design, it is easy to put on and take off. Just slide your hand onto the sleeve and adjust the velcro to your ideal fit. You are ready to go.
✅ LEFT OR RIGHT: The night wrist brace is designed to fit both left and right hands.

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