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BraceUP Product Advisory Team

At BraceUP, we're committed to offering the most up-to-date and highest-quality products to help you improve your performance, support your daily activities, and heal from injuries more quickly.

Our product designers are always working to improve the wearing comfort, fit, and functions of our products. We enlist a group of customers to participate in prototype study whenever we're working on a new product design.

How to Apply:

Please complete the short form below to be considered for future Product Advisory Team projects. This information will assist us in determining when and how we should contact you. Only studies that are relevant to you will be alerted, and participation is always voluntary. 



You may be requested to provide body measurements before tying to various brace sizes to provide input on fit. 

If you have a specific injury, you may be asked to try out a prototype of a new device designed to treat that ailment, providing us with comments that we may use to improve the design. 

The pre-market version(s) of our braces are sent to all testers (The Product Advisory Team members). 


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